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Family and Child Centre

Internationally recognised, useful and practical Antenatal Classes

Take fear of the unknown OUT of birth and parenting!

Topics we cover in Antenatal Classes:

The Process of Labour and Birth 

Women’s bodies are perfectly designed to birth their babies. Just how does it all work? We will cover basic anatomy and physiology of labour and birth and walk you through the signs of impending labour, the stages of labour, and when to go to the clinic or birthing centre.


We can reduce fear through understanding and appreciation the body. This is your basic core information class on the natural birth process. Did you know that most of labour is pain FREE not pain FULL? All will be revealed when we discuss the gift of labour pain and how to work with it and not against it. Labour pain is the most misunderstood of all pain.

A woman’s Experience and Needs in Labour - Practical Class

What is the experience of labour and birth like? What are the mother’s needs—mental, emotional, and physical—as she moves through her labour? How can she best respond to contractions to minimise pain? How do her needs change as the process unfolds? How can partners and supporters help? 

This class builds on information presented in The Process of Labour and Birth class.
Coping with Pain in Labour—Natural Approaches to Pain Management.
There is a difference between pain and suffering.

What is the job of labour support? How can dads/partners best support the labouring mother? We will help partners explore and define their preferred level of involvement at the birth. 

What Parents need to know about Medical Pain Relief, Epidurals, and Caesarean Birth

The number of expectant couples who have experienced a caesarean delivery in the past few years has greatly increased.

The need for a class devoted to the special needs of the couple who expect a caesarean delivery is steadily rising. Caesarean parents often have a great many questions, fears, and anxieties about birth. Many times caesarean couples do not feel they are allowed to participate fully in their birth experience.

Knowledge of what to expect and the opportunity to exercise some choices enables parents to feel more in control. A caesarean delivery is not just a surgical procedure, but the birth of a baby and a new family unit.

Mother's Kiss

Your Amazing Newborn and Your Post-Partum Adjustment

Incorporating the latest research on the abilities and behaviours of the new-born, we give you an understanding of your baby from birth and even before. From variations on the appearance of the newborn, to newborn reflexes and sensory capacities parents will become familiar with what is "normal" for newborns.

We will deal with emotional adjustments, physical adjustments, lack of sleep, crying (yours and baby), contraception, resumption of sex, caring for your post-natal body, looking after your relationship, and post-natal depression – recognising it, why it happens and getting help.

Breastfeeding Basics

This class focuses on the first critical weeks of your baby’s life and provides information and practical skills to prepare you for a satisfying breastfeeding experience. The breastfeeding relationship combines instinct and learned skills. 

Learning to breastfeed is like learning to dance. When you start out, you will be a bit clumsy (stepping on each other's feet). It’s normal to trip up a bit, stop, and then start over again, laughing and not giving up. It takes a while to figure out each other's moves. 

Top tips:
•Encourage breastfeeding within an hour after birth. (Get on the dance floor right away.)
•Encourage lots of skin-on-skin. (Stay on the dance floor.)
•Education on how to obtain a good latch (Learn the dance steps correctly.)
•Encourage feeding when baby shows huger cues. (Follow the lead)
•Encourage nursing frequently. (Enjoy dancing)

Baby Bath and Baby Care Class

Demonstration baby bath, bath aids and tips on happy bath time and advice on practical baby care.  Discussion on baby care products.
A newborn baby will be bathed and the new parents will answer questions on what life is really like going home and living with a new baby.

YOU will practice changing and dressing your "baby" (our dolls 😀)

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