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Dear Tina

Alex and I attended your recent weekend course and I would like to say a huge thank you and commend you on the wonderful way in which the course was presented and conducted.

We both learned so much and gained such valuable knowledge, not only from the facts presented but also for the personal insight that you and your speakers shared. Prior to the course we could not agree on a single aspect regarding the birth of our baby, but once we had the facts in hand and had done away with the myths and false perceptions that we have both unwillingly gathered through the years, we left feeling very confident and in agreement as to how we planned to proceed with the birth and what will be in the best interest of our baby and ourselves. the course put a lot of our concerns to rest and we feel well informed and happy with the challenges that lie ahead

As business owners ourselves we appreciate all the effort that goes into co-ordinating and planning such a well run course and would like to compliment you on the exceptional product that you offer. We are well aware that, what your clients see is only a fraction of the effort that is required in the organisation and implementation of the course and we thank you for not only offering an informative and professional course but also for going out of your way to add the personal touch in ensuring that all participants are comfortable and made to feel exceptionally welcome. Your business demands an immense amount of personal input and passion - you give these abundantly and it is felt by all and sincerely appreciated.

I look forward to future association with your centre once this very active Ninja, I am carrying makes himself know to the world.

Warm regards


Hi Tina

Firstly I would like to say thank you so much for a truly awesome series of classes. The lessons your clinic provided to both my wife and me have already been so helpful I can't begin to explain.
James was born on thursday morning at 9o'clock and weighed 3.6kgs
A special thanks to Linda from us would be appreciated the breast
feeding classes and advice were awesome. James is latching like a pro already and Desire is really enjoying the bonding that breast feeding lends to. Without your classes we would have struggled a lot more. Thank you so much, your passion for what you do has really changed our lives and helped us so much.

Once again thank you.
God bless.
Chris and Desire

Dear Tina

Just wanted to pop you a mail to thank you so much for the wonderful classes that James and I have enjoyed the past 7 weeks. The class last night was absolutely brilliant, but so was the one on Caesar births and the one on pain – in fact they were all great! I feel much calmer and better quipped for the birth of our baby and the first couple weeks that follow and I look forward to popping in on Mondays to spend some more time at your facility (and maybe regain some sanity if I lose it along the way). It is very reassuring to know that I have a place to go when I have questions, where I’ll get reliable advice from someone who clearly cares very much about what she does.

Client Feedback

Dear Tina

We just want to say thanks again for the amazing classes - we were
raving the whole way home last night about how we've grown in
confidence & how we feel far more excited about the arrival our
little guy (I think with trepidation & ignorance out of the way - it
leaves more room for excitement)...
we know we have so much more to
learn but just knowing the basics has put our mind at ease. Plus we
were raving about how much we paid compared to the value we got from the classes (professional contacts, advice etc) -- it FAR outweighs the cost :) so... thanks again Tina!!

Dear Tina

I just wanted to tell you that our gorgeous little boy Jesse was born on 8 Dec 2009 at Sandton Mediclinic with Dr Koll who was as amazing as I knew he would be! Jesse weighed 3.61kg and was 49cm. He was a NVD but I was hoping for a water birth which unfortunately after an hour of pushing in the water, Dr Koll said it was too tight a fit, and we needed to used forceps. Lucky for me he did the episiotomy and then gave me a chance to push Jesse out without the forceps which worked and Jesse came flying out in one push! It was a longer labour than I expected (woke up in a lot of pain at 12.30am and delivered at 14.55pm) but thanks to your amazing advice and support I managed it with no epidural or any painkillers (except the gas!!). I was on the ball from about 1am which was the best thing ever!!! We took my ball to the hospital in case, which Im very glad we did as Sandton's ball was flat!! I also used their chair to relax over inbetween surges!! We used your labour oil which was fabulous, and the best advice you gave was the pressure on my lower back which my husband and mom took turns with. And lastly, thanks to your breathing advice, I coped with the pain (which really is much much worse than I ever expected) much better than I ever could have!

Thank you again so so much for everything you contributed to make the birth of our baby an amazing experience!

I will be seeing you next week at the postnatal exercises and baby massage.

I would like to thank you for all the energy and effort that you put into our childbirth education classes. Your enthusiasm and genuine love for your subject were infectious and I would recommend the course highly to prospective parents.

"I can't imagine having undertaken this awesome journey without Tina, both the Anetnatal Education and Exercise classes were amazing!"

"The course was brilliant! We enjoyed the speakers, especially baby Adrian".

"Your course should be compulsory for all prospective parents as well as maternity staff'.

"I think the course is great value for money. You could charge much more and it would still be a bargain".

"This was the best seven weeks! Pity it's got to the end!"

"The course was informative, funny and done with compassion and caring".

"We really enjoyed it. Thank you".

"You are brilliant. I have already recommended the course to friends and will continue to do so."

"Thank you Tina. Your genuine love and passion for what you do really shines through and makes a difference."

"Thank you Tina for everything. Keep up the hard work - we can't wait to show you our baby."

"For the passion you exude in your profession and the vision you helped create about the birth of our baby boy, may all the angels look kindly upon you".

"Thank you for helping us with one of Gods many creations and easing our precious little soul into this world."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

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